Totally Natural

This brand has been a game changer with the fussy dogs!

Totally Natural is a free flowing mince. Which means its been highly frozen as soon as it comes out of the mincer. So it looks similar to pellets. This is perfect for those fussier dogs who don't like to put their faces in wet mince. 

Free flowing minces make life much easier for smaller dogs too. Despite it coming in 1kg pack you can pour out as much or as little as you like while frozen. So you don't have to defrost the pack to portion. Simply pour it into your dogs bowl and then back into the freezer. 

All of the Totally Natural Minces we stock are all 80/10/10 and we have 8 different flavours to keep your dogs taste buds tingling.  

Every single dog who we have put onto the Totally Natural minces are loving every meal time and the feedback has been fantastic. 


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