How Much to Feed?

There are various chart floating about stating how much a dog should be fed on raw. The one I follow as a base goes like this:

7-10 weeks = 10%

10-16 weeks = 9%

16-20 weeks = 8%

20-24 weeks = 7%

24-36 weeks = 6%

36-56 weeks = 5%

56-69 weeks = 4%

Adult dog maintenance = 2-3%

To calculate your dogs needs find your dogs weight. Lets say the dog is 5 months old and weighs 10kg. They would need 7% of their body weight per day. 

So 10kg x 7% = 700g per day.

This can be split between as many meals as necessary throughout the day. New puppies up to 4 months should eat 4 times a day. then 3 times a day until between 6-8 months. This ensures their nutrients are getting spread out throughout the day for their ever growing body. 

Then once over 8 months you can drop the means down to twice a day. For a fully grown adult dog most dogs (including my own dogs) eat twice a day. But the absolute best diet for peak physical condition is once a day. But I think my dogs would up and leave if they only got fed once. 

This chart is to help with the amounts to feed the average dog. However all dogs are different and do require different levels of food. You should use these numbers as a guide and adjust to your dog by how much or they are gaining/losing weight.

Some active dogs may need more just as some not so active dogs need less.

My male Vizsla Hendrix is 6 years old and weighs 30kg. But needs to eat 1.2kg per day to maintain his body weight. So he eats 4% per day. 

Neutering also comes into the equation as neutering has been known to lower the dogs metabolism. So expect to feed slightly less after being done.

ALWAYS GO BY FEEL AND TOUCH! This is vitally important. Its the only true way of telling if you are feeding the correct amount for your dog. He is intact and very active. 

The absolute perfect condition for a dog is simple. You should see all ribs while moving. The back shape of the ribs while standing and none while seated. If you cant see the dogs ribs when they are moving then they are overweight. But if you can see the ribs while seated, even just one, then they are underweight. 


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