Durham Animal Feeds

Durham Animal Feeds, also known as DAF is the most popular raw brand with our customers at Pure and Raw.

They have a huge range of complete mince, many of which are single protein. So excellent for beginners and any dogs with allergies. 

As well as having a tremendous complete mince range they also have an excellent selection of chunks, whole fish and raw meaty bones which we stock too. Variety is key with a raw diet and DAF really have all the basis covered. 

DAF is also the best value of all the raw foods at Pure and Raw. With complete minces as low at £1.10 for 454g. 

There 454g bricks are easy to store in the freezer so really good if your pressed on room for raw. 

Its excellent value. Great for anybody looking to give a full and varied raw diet on a budget. 

*We try to keep full stock of all the minces however if DAF have ran out of a certain mince then we bring in the most similar alternative. So you may find the list will change regularly each week and a full up to date price list including all this weeks meats is displayed in the shop. 


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