Birmingham Raw

Birmingham Raw is perfect for those looking to cut cost but not compromise on quality. Its the best value complete on the market thanks to its no thrills packaging. 

This has been a huge hit with the large and giant breed customers. When your feeding so much per day you really don't want to be wasting money on fancy packaging. 

But its also been equally popular with those smaller breeds and even the breeders as its a nice finely ground mince with no large pieces of bone like other budget brands. So perfect for feeding puppies form 4-5 weeks old.

Its thin sausage shaped rolls are great for storage too! 

Birmingham Raw is a relatively new brand and the variety they produce is ever increasing. 

We currently stock their complete 80/10/10 minces of Chicken, Chicken and Tripe, Turkey, Turkey and Tripe, Beef, Beef and Tripe, Chicken and Lamb, chicken and Beef, Lamb, Duck, Tripe and Salmon, Chicken and Salmon mince. 

As well as the minces we also regularly stock their Lamb Necks, Sprats and Salmon Heads which we think are fantastic too. 


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