Betteridge is one of the first Raw Foods I fed to my dogs almost 9 years ago!

The quality of their boneless raw minces are second to none and are just as good now as they have always been. They were the main bulk of our minced meals when we fed our dogs solely on a Prey Model Raw Diet. 

We stock their Boneless Beef, Boneless Lamb and Boneless Green Tripe as standard. But we can also get their 80/20 (meat/bone) Chicken and Turkey Minces too which can be preordered for collection. 

The packs all come in 400g or 800g so a great way to either feed small dogs, or larger/multiple dogs. 

The boneless minces are all fantastic to help any dogs who find 10% bone still too much and you can dilute the bone in mince with the boneless. 

They also do the best Turkey Necks and Chicken Carcass which ive seen!! 

Betteridge is a small family business too and we personally go to their shop every week to pick up our weeks raw order for the shop. Which we love because we are all about supporting small local businesses! 


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