100% Natural Treats

The treats you choose for your dogs are just as important as their regular food. 

You need to ensure you are complimenting their species appropriate diet with species appropriate treats. 

This is why you will never find a single grain, carbohydrate, sugar, artificial colour or preservative in any of our food or treats we stock!! 

We stock a huge range of 100% natural dried treats perfect for all sized dogs. 

Furry Rabbit Ears, Braided Pizzles, Buffalo Trachea, Beef Tendons, Sprats, Antlers, Roots, Hairy Venison Ears.... 

You can come and choose a pick and mix of all these treats.

We also stock a fantastic range of Premium Packaged 100% Natural Treats!! 

We stock the full JR Pet Products dried meat stick. Which includes amazing meats such as Kangaroo, Ostrich, Rabbit, Venison, Duck, Chicken, Beef, Turkey...

As well as dog safe Pate in a wonderful mix of flavours. Which can be mixed into Kongs or LickiMats. 

Natures Menu Country Hunter Superfood Bars are one of the most popular ranges we sell. These are nice and soft and can be easily broken up and stretched out as perfect training treats. 

You can buy most of our 100% Natural Treats online for delivery over at www.prettypointer.com/product-category/treats/


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